ecoREHAB Projects

ecoREHAB of Muncie: Main Street House, Fall 2012

ecoREHAB: Mission and Information

Involvement: Graduate Assistant; to Jonathan Spodek (Founder of ecoREHAB, Ball State Architecture Professor)

– ecoREHAB Design-build / low-income housing elective;  Part of a team that included Jonathan Spodek and 9 other students.  Semester goals focused to design and install the front porch, back porch, and kitchen built-in, as well as understanding overall fundamentals in low-income housing situations.


ecoREHAB of Muncie; Gharkey Street House, Spring 2011

ecoREHAB: Mission and Information

Involvement: Design-build Studio (402) led by Jonathan Spodek, focused on major demolition and re-framing of existing abandoned house.

– Within the studio, we were then given the opportunity to focus on a rebuilding portion of the project as small teams (front or back porches).  My involvement as part of the Front Porch Team developed a solution reflecting the historical character of the house while utilizing reclaimed material throughout.  All  specific design solutions and building centered around materials that could be found at “Solid State” Muncie’s local reclaimed material depot from the areas dilapidated and demolished homes.